Jane Kerr

Jane Kerr holds a B.S., M.Ed. And Educational specialist degree.  She is a retired public educator of 35 years from Apopka, Florida.  She spent her early years in the Great Smoky mountains and now enjoys hiking with local groups, as well as solo hiking in Florida.  She recently became a Florida Master Naturalist and puts that knowledge to use volunteering at Wekiwa State Park.

Her greatest passion is working with wolves at In Harmony with Nature wolf sanctuary in Orlando, Fl.
She wants people to understand that wolves are not a serious threat to humans or to the livestock industry .
In fact wolf recovery has positive economic benefits .  After being extirpated from most of the US in the 1920’s wolves gained protection under the Endangered Species act and began to expand their range.

Healthy wolf populations increase tourism dollars and they have a positive impact on the landscape.
She wants the message to get out that Wolves are already heavily managed and that wolves and humans can coexist!  .
She also wants people to be aware of wolves and wolf dogs that are bought and sold in the pet industry and how they end up in Ill-equipped homes. This is why there is a need for wolf sanctuaries. 

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