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Welcome to the Adventure Book Club 

Every month we'll read and discuss a hiking or adventure book together. There will be discussion questions, interviews with the authors and so much more. To be a part of the discussion go to the Facebook Group She Can Adventure Book Club

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January Book Choice

"Ditching the city for the wilderness; walking from Mexico to Canada, against all odds. Carrot Quinn is weary of a life of screens, in a city where she feels disconnected from everyone. In a desperate move, she breaks away from everything to walk 2,660 miles

from Mexico to Canada on

the Pacific Crest Trail."

~Carrot Quinn~

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February Book Choice

"Inspired by the true story of

World War II's greatest heroine, this international bestseller and "cinematic treat" tells the story of Nancy Wake and the impact she had on the world" 

(Publishers Weekly).


March Book Choice

"Despite her success setting a self-supported Fastest Known Time record on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013, Heather “Anish” Anderson still had such deep-seated insecurities that she became convinced her feat had been a fluke. So two years later she set out again, this time hiking through mud, rocks, and mountain blazes to crush her constant self-doubt and seek the true source of her strength and purpose."

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April Book Choice

‘We live in a world populated by dog lovers, where many of us regard them as members of the family. We are fascinated by them: either anthropomorphising our pets or obsessing about the ways they differ from us. And mountains – theatres of risk, drama and heroism – provide the perfect stage for us to enact our canine fascination in all its pathos and poetry. In short, the hills bring into focus just how much we love being with dogs.’

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May Book Choice

"Christine discovered long distance backpacking while surfing the internet at work. She decided that day to attempt to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. One adventure led to another and a few years later she set out on the Wonderland Trail in Mt Rainier National Park.

Her Rugged Outdoors Woman persona started as a joke, a nod to the outdoor adventurer that she wished to be. But in the years since, she has come into her own as a backpacker, rock climber, and trail runner. This book is a testament to the decision to name who you want to be and make it so."

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June Book Choice

"What started as an idea on maps spread out along the length of her kitchen floor, turned into a challenging journey over mountains, through glens and around lochs.  Against the backdrop of stunning Highland scenery, Claire Alldritt made her way from the east coast of Scotland, journeying with her two horses, working her way across to the west to dip her toes in the Atlantic Ocean.

Often using old drovers’ roads and avoiding as much tarmac as she could, this is a story of exploration, trust and resilience mixed with insightful glances into the history of the land passed through.  


Claire’s journey shows the value of friends old and new (whether with four legs or two) written with lively imagination and humour as they make their way along the trail."

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July Book Choice

'An Inca treasure, a Nazi plot, and a Missing Diamond. Geologist Sam Harris has her work cut out in this trio of standalone, full-length adventure novels.

Follow the adventures of Sam Harris where her postings to remote and exotic countries lead to her involvement in adventure, mystery and intrigue.

If you like classic character-driven adventures with a gutsy heroine, complex twists and heart pounding action, you'll love this boxset.'

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August Book Choice

This month the book club is doing something a little different. Since we've read SO MANY AMAZING books since 2017, we are letting our readers go back in time and fall in love all over again. Pick any book from our list of previously read and each week tell us about it in the book club! There are some amazing stories to be told! Plus, if you missed a book one month, then this is your perfect opportunity to catch up! 

So go ahead, scroll thru the list and get your reading on!


September Book Choice

Shedding years of societal conditioning that dictates school, work and life, Patrice and Justin La Vigne do their best to maintain a nomadic whimsy. However, this nontraditional life presents just as many moments of joy and grace as moments of stress and hardship. It's in the rawness of long-distance hiking that the couple builds confidence to continue their "life less ordinary."

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October Book Choice

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November Book Choice

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December Book Choice

2020 Book selections

Gators, Guts, & Glory by Lauralee Bliss
Hiking My Feelings
Women Who Run with the Wolves
Hild: A Novel
Tracks: A Woman's Solo Trek Across 1700 Miles of Australian Outback
Your Blue Is Not My Blue: A Missing Person Memoir
The Lost Girls: Three Friends. Four Continents. One Unconventional Detour Around the World.
Come, Tell Me How You Live: An Archaeological Memoir
Neon Pilgrim
Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It: Life Journeys Inspired by the Bestselling Memoir
Two Old Women, 20th Anniversary Edition: An Alaska Legend Of Betrayal, Courage And Survival
Aren't You Afraid?: American Discovery Trail from the Atlantic Ocean to Nebraska

2019 Book selections

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Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 11.42.43 AM
Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 11.44.36 AM
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Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 11.58.01 AM
Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 11.59.29 AM
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2018 Book selections

Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 11.09.27 AM
Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 11.11.18 AM
Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 11.13.03 AM
Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 11.15.17 AM
Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 11.17.27 AM
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2017 Book selections

Dead Mountain
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