Angie Vasquez, Founder of Girls Who Hike FL

I am currently living in my van on the road but am based out of Deland, Florida. I’m originally from San Diego, California.  I love being outdoors! I have a few adventures of choice but my top one is hiking. I have been hiking avidly for about 10 years. It started as a way to take pictures and get away from everyday life while living in Las Vegas. I would take my dogs to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. I started out with short hikes but those later developed into longer ones. I became a bit obsessed with being on the trail. I have always loved being in nature and hiking was an outlet that allowed me to exercise, relax and connect with the universe. In 2017, I formed the meetup group Girls Who Hike Florida. I was not seeing many women on the trails and wanted to provide a safe space where we could connect and explore.We are more than a hiking group we are explorers and women dedicated to improving the outdoors. I teach women about the outdoors, volunteer with partners like The Girl Scouts, Florida State Parks and The Florida Trail among others.  My goal is to continue learning, exploring and teaching about the outdoors through inclusivity to all.

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